Art is OPEN Fist

I’m a stationary sculpture, I’m meant to be broken.

George Segal, one of the founders of the Pop Art Movement.

He orders without exception.

I prepared for the curators’ meeting in my sun bomb shelter.

Something overlapped, I’m not sure what exactly.

Perhaps one sense with another – taste with sight or smell or touch. But in conclusion something wasn’t right. Some energy was amiss that day.

Away from the ridiculousness, Nedko Solakov is having an exhibition at Ikon.

The ethical questions fuse with confusion around diets and guns.

Ed Ruscha and giants in the city. LA. 

Freeway. Me way, no way you way.  The summer shine versus heart of darkness theory.

Ed Ruscha Every Building on the Sunset Strip.

Borrow time. Buy time. Do whatever it takes but don’t eat my time. Thank God lime rhymes with enzyme so word-catcher can take a breather here… review the petrie dish. Tiny maggots, droplets of spine etc., etc..

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