Amazing Normal Things By The Hour

Magnetic, fields, cause, possible, increase, global, warming.

Enter hero, dreamt, by, time, wow, shit, happens, Anais, Nin, House, of, Incest.

The cover of the current Ohio University Press...

Passers-by, smile, my, impatience, waiting, for, anyone.

What, you, consider, most, important, encounter, your, life?

Was encounter, with, sibling, lover, serendipity, pre-arranged?

What, makes, amazing, thing, different, normal, thing?

Emotions, magnetic fields? Influence? Emotions?

Da Vinci’s students, stare, fixedly, stains, old walls, ashes, clouds, streams, until, battles, landscapes, fantastic, scenes, emerge, north, south, unaware, unconscious, these, shifts.

Studies of Embryos by Leonardo da Vinci (Pen o...
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Unless, happen, run, electric, current, wire, nearby, compass, starting, move, pleasing, borderline, cheeky, muttering,  reunion, with, wild, rhymes, that’s, the, fun, part.

Attachment, deeper, than, sex, war, by, forget, which, self, said, it.

Whole, debate, complete, utter, mess, shambles, pointing, finger,  shall, burst, into, tears, contrast, we’re, now, approaching, best, part.

Touch, screen, begin.

As, you, start, into, your, answers, a, live, camera, feed, picks, up, you, the, viewer, or, you, the, participant, or, you, the, secret, author, of, this, concept, in, behaviourial, writing.

You see, we, were, raised, as, brother, and, sister. So, he’s, my, brother, but, we’re, not, blood, related.

Which, is, where, things, start, to, get, tricky. In, the, eyes, of, the, law, we, weren’t, doing, anything, illegal.

And, as, we, were, both, kids, there, wasn’t, an, age, of, consent, issue (?) Note, to, self, better, check, how, this, works.

I, make, my, way, to, the, bus, terminal, two, blocks, away. Navigate, the, toll, of, humanity, that, silts, up, the, entranceway, then, wait, for, the, bus, going, nowhere, to, turn, the, corner.

One thought on “Amazing Normal Things By The Hour

  1. I am sure I’m at the end of my corner of the world to receive you, thoughtful traveler. Oh, I can’t wait to hear the rest of your story, its warmth, its tears, just about everything, fellow traveler.

    oooh, keep, a, steady, head, heart, mind, everything, all, right?

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