My Truth Family

Portrait of Oswald de Andrade by Tarsila do Am...
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Our culture has always been ransacked.

... cenas de um domingo ...
Image by Vagner Carvalheiro via Flickr

Who is the ‘our’ I am speaking of…?

So, my truth family. How are you today?

Did you see the answer to the question I posted yesterday?

The equation. No? Well, don’t worry, there will be plenty of further hints in the weeks to come.

You can bet your bottom dollar.

Today I want to talk about the Cannibal Manifesto. I can see why most people fight shy of the cannibalism topic. Ostensibly they are afraid of losing the fragile readership they have built up over nanoseconds, clicks and lifetimes.

The feeling that I have for you is ferocious and peaceful. A breeze sufficient enough to warm me. You are the joy I can see into, clear to the bottom.

On the other side of joy is the zookeeper, limbering up on the warm-up track.

Dark and light is a dual pulley mechanism ensnared in a fisherman’s net and brought ashore by a seahorse curling like a smoke ring away to the right and the left, at once.

I come to you at the end of a long haul.

Has the flamenco at last found a fragrance to match?

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